How much are the fees?

All crypto to crypto transactions (receiving, sending and exchanging cryptocurrencies) are free. However, you will need to pay the blockchain fee (miner fee). This is by the design of the blockchain and doesn't depend on us. The blockchain fee constantly changes based on network congestion (how many people are sending at the same time) and which blockchain you are using (e.g., Litecoin has very low fees, while Bitcoin and Ethereum have higher fees).

Fiat transactions (buying and withdrawing to card) have a variable fee, based on the amount you buy/withdraw. For buying, the fee is 2% (up to 250 EUR) and 1% for purchases over 250 EUR.  For a withdrawal to the card, the fee will be calculated dynamically and presented to you on the screen.

Frequently asked questions

  • My transaction failed. Do I still need to pay a fee?
    No, failed transactions don't cause you any fees.

  • I have enough funds but I still get the error "Insufficient funds" when trying to send out or withdraw. Why?
    Make sure to have enough funds to cover the blockchain (miner) fee as well. With some blockchains, such as Bitcoin, the blockchain fee can be quite high ($10 or more). See the latest fees here.

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