Widgets don't update automatically. How can I fix this?

  • Allow The Crypto App to run in the background. See https://dontkillmyapp.com for instructions for your phone model.
  • If the above doesn’t help, manually update the widgets by clicking on the time label in the top-right corner of the widget.


Why does this happen?

Android OS enforces strict rules about how often the developers can automatically do something on your phone in the background without your interaction – mostly to increase battery life. This is a good thing in most cases, but not so good when you really do need a high update rate – like with our price widgets. Based on our tests, the widgets updating mechanism works well on 90%+ of phones. However, in some cases, our techniques may still fail. On top of the Android OS rules, different manufacturers impose their own rules about background processing – and some of them can be quite strict.

Additionally, please note that the widget update period may not be exact. For example, when you set the update period of widgets to 5 minutes, the widgets will be updated approximately every 5 minutes. This is due to the design of the Android OS.